In the words of Sir Roy Strong, “Jocelyn Burton is one of life’s originals, an explosive, opinionated, bubbling being, all of which is amply reflected in her work. Everything is very exact and technically perfect. Her drawings for commissions rank as works of art in their own right”.


Jocelyn Burton is an award winning Silversmith specialising in gold, silver & bronze and is internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading artists in precious metals. She is a rarity in that she straddles a myriad of creative areas encompassing silverware, jewellery, architectural lighting, metalwork and glassware.

In 1974, Jocelyn became the first female Freeman at the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, at which time she also became a Freeman of the City of London.

Jocelyn’s work features in private and public collections including, the V&A Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral, Goldsmith’s Hall, 10 Downing Street, York Minister, the Fitzwilliam Museum. Jocelyn’s commissions are many and varied and include pieces for many of the Worshipful Companies.

Jocelyn’s work continues to astonish, enchant and defy categorisation, like her recent silver and gold bat pendants, inspired by an embroidered bat she saw on an Imperial robe in Shanghai. Yet the theatrical exuberance and uninhibited originality of Jocelyn’s work are underpinned by her attention to detail and technical mastery. It’s this combination of creative audacity with technical perfection that imbues her work with integrity, strength and enduring, timeless beauty.